Saturday, May 14, 2016

l'Ecole Normale Supérieure de Téhéran, Perse, 1933

طهران - Tehran - Τεχεράνη + 테헤란 - טהראן + テヘラン + Тегеран -  德黑兰 

Persische Hauptstadt Teheran, 1933
Perzische hoofdstad Teheran
Persian (Iranian) capital TEHRAN

Monday, February 15, 2016

2016 : Hope for Zayandeh Rud

I was in Isfahan recently and it made my quite happy to see water again in this river...
Zayandeh Rud is one of the victims of drought in Persia since few years ago. The river became totally dry last year so the current condition has created hope for the people.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in the United States | Photo Gallery

The majority of National Air and Space Museum stuff in Washington DC is moved to a huge complex near Dulles Airport in Virginia. It's a must see collection for those who love both commercial and military air plains. The museum also shows part of US history and its military presence in Vietnam, Korea and World War.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Persian Princess Ashraf Pahlavi passes away in New York

The Persian princess Ashraf Pahlavi passes away at the age of 97 in New York. She was a twin sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last king of Persia (Iran).

Princess Ashraf in the recent years could not recognize anyone around her.

After 1979 Islamic revolution and her departure from her homeland, she actively supported Iranian studies foundations in the United States, known as ISF.

Princess Ashraf was the most controversial member of Pahlavi family. Her memories was published in 1981 as a book in English entitled "Faces in a Miror". Hormoz Abdolahi has translated this book into Persian.

Princess Ashraf's son Shahryar Shafigh was assassinated by the agents of Islamic regime of Tehran in early 1979 and Azadeh Shafigh (his sister) died by cancer in 2000 in France.

Ashraf Pahlavi, Most Controversial Princess of Persia

Princess Ashraf at South African Embassy in 1978:

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Tree at Library of Congress

The atmosphere of the Library of Congress is always wonderful. You feel that you are surrounded by science and can read and learn in a peaceful atmosphere. These days it's more lovely. The library staff has put a beautiful Christmas Tree in the main entrance of  Jefferson building which says hello to the visitor.
I wish peace and happiness for the whole world in 2016.

Monday, October 19, 2015

An old buckle of a Persian Belt

Today I visited a unique exhibition at Rotterdam's World Museum: "The Persians, Warriors and Poets". It's a joint project between this Dutch museum and Stibbert Museum in Italy.

The exhibition is mostly focused on the Persian weapons in Safavid era; ca. 16th and 17th century. This era is quite important in the history of Persia (or Iran). Safavid kings reunited the country and Persian art (except for music) also blossomed in this period.

But now many Persians do not show interest in Safavid dynasty. It seems the main reason is the current political situation in Iran. The current government of Iran is Shia and Safavid kings were also Shia and cited Shia Islam as the official religion of Persia when they came to power; different from the rest of Islamic countries which are mostly Sunni. Another important point which should not be forgotten is the Persians were mostly Zoroastrian before the Arabs' attack to their country in 7th AD.

Anyway what attracted my attention at the exhibition is not weapons or religious/national stuff; it's a very cute belt's buckle. Very artistic! I made a photo of that which you can see in the beginning of this page. It has been made around 1800 AD by a Persian artist. I also love the color, a peaceful blue!

Today also BBC Persian TV aired an informative report from the exhibition. You can watch it here.
Rotterdam's World Museum has also published the catalogue of the exhibition as a superb book.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

National Iranian Radio & Television Chamber Orchestra in Persepolis, 1968

A rare photo of Nartonal Iranian Radio & Television Chamber Orchestra (a.k.a "NIRT) in a concert at Shiraz Art Festival, Persepolis, 1968. 

The orchestra in this event was conducted by the Persian-Armenian musician VAHE KHOJAIAN who was a graduate of Tehran Conservatory of Music.
The critics were not so kind to this concert and states NIRT Chamber Orchestra needs more time to perform in the beginning of such an International festival.
The orchestra later became quite successful and performed in various European festivals as well. A gramophone record is also available by NIRT Chamber Orchestra, conducted by the guest Bulgarian conductor Emil Tchakarov. The LP released in 1978 by EMI.