Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dariush shines in Holland | De Doelen Repairs Its Image

On 11 Oct. 2014 Dariush, the legendary Persian pop star shined once again in a concert at De Doelen in Rotterdam.
 The venue was full of his fans who were singing with him during the event.

De Doelen before this concert was a hated place for many Persians in the Netherlands. During 2009 pro-freedom demonstrations in Iran which many people were killed by the Islamic goverment in Tehran and other cities, the regime tried to cover up its crime by organizing a so-called "Peace Concert" in Europe. Their agents hired famous venues in big European cities to give this impression that they are culture-oriented. In Holland they hired "De Doelen".

It was quite surprising that how De Doelen decided to accept Iran's Embassy offer to hire the hall in a time that human rights violations in Iran were every day in the news.

 For the concert in January 2010 the embassy sent free tickets to its own people. At the night of the concert a big demonstration was organized by Iranian opposition groups in Netherlands against the event. Inside the hall the embassy's agents attacked the protesters and the concert was remained unfinished.
 See the photos here.
It seems De Doelen just cares about money and nothing else. Anyway it's good that finally a pro-freedom Iranian singer performed there. Maybe an opprotunity for De Doelen to repair its image for Persian-Dutch community.

Parts of Dariush Concert in Rotterdam can be watched here:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Removing a Lamp from a Persian Woman's Vagina!

Persian-language social forums are full of posts about a video which shows a lamp has been removed from a woman's vagina.

This amateur video have recorded in operatiing room of a hospital in Tehran. It's not clear how the video has become public.

The identilty of the patient and also the place of the hospital in still unknown. It's just clear that it has been filmed in Iran because the doctors speak Persian.

Check out the video:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Western Union & US Paranoia !

US-based WESTERN UNION has canceled my 100,-- EUR transaction to a friend in Turkey.
They do not explain what is the reason of the cancelation; which shows how much the clients are important to them!
It seems, even as an European citizen, I am still in their black list or maybe they consider me as a potential Jihadist!!!
US PARANOIA ! :))))))))

Monday, September 8, 2014

Israeli Pianist performs Persian Composition

In 1978 the Israeli pianist Amiram Rigai performed various piano works in an album from various countries including Persia (Iran).
This piece is one of the most famous works of Aminollah (André) Hossein named "Persian Fable".
The piece is also known by its French title "Prelude et legende persane". Aminollah Hossein is one of the pioneers of Persian polyphonic music.
You can listen to Israeli interpretation of "Persian Fable" here:

Aminollah Hossein composed this piece in 1956 and the score was published on that time in Paris with financial support of Persian Ministry of Culture and Art.
Hossein passed away in Paris in 1983.
The actor Tobert Hossein is his son.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer 2014 @ Mykonos Island of Greece (Photo Gallery)

Mykonos Island is one of the tourist attractions of Greece.
The above photos have been taken in August 2014 in this beautiful island.
The nature of the island is not something very special; it's something like water and desert! but the combination and also the weather have made it special.
 MYKONOS is the name of a beautiful island in Greece but for Persians it reminds 1992 assassination of 4 opposition leaders in Germany. They were assassinated at a Greek restaurant in Berlin named MYKONOS. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Iran's New Wave of Crackdown on Journalists

Iran's government has started a new and huge campaign to crackdown on journalists.
Seraj Mirdamadi, the former contributor of various Persian media in Europe has been sentenced to 6 year imprisonment. Saba Azarpeyk who has been arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence is in a critical mental and physical condition.
Some others have been already sentenced to imprisonment. According to "Reporters without Borders", IRAN now is one of the biggest prisons of journalists in the world.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PARADE SCENE: Ceramic from Safavid Persia

This beautiful ceramic is coming from Persia. It has been made in 17th century during Safavid era; an important time in the history of Persian pottery and ceramic.
This ceramic is called "Parade Scene" and now is kept in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.