Thursday, April 13, 2017

SHAHNAMEH FERDOWSI (Baysonghori Manuscripts)

A few pages of a rare manuscript of SHAHNAMEH (national epic of Persia) which has been published in 1971 in commemoration of the celebration of 2500th anniversary of the founding of Persian Empire by Cyrus the Great.

Video: Ancient Art of Persia

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mohammad Manzarpour fired from VOA Persian Service

Manzarpour (Photo: Facebook)
Mohammad Manzarpour, the editor of Voice of America's Persian Service has been fired today.
The reason is not clear.
Manzarpour was one of the close staff members of VOA Persian Service to the director Setareh Derakhshesh. VOA management (BBG) had already received countless complaints in regard of Mazarpour's and Derakhshesh's unprofessional behavior at work.

Before joining the VOA Persian Service, Mohammad Manzarpour was a producer at BBC Persian Service at its Washington bureau. His cooperation with BBC was stopped in 2013 in a suspicious atmosphere as well.

Voice of America has not given any comment on Manzarpour fire.
WATCH: One of the most successful productions by VOA Persian Service (an Interview with Iraj Pezeshkzad, author, produced by Hooman Bakhtiar and Bijan Farhoodi) 

ALSO READVOA stops radio broadcast service in Persian

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Removing the name PERSIAN GULF from Berlin's Islamic Art Museum map!

Recently the Islamic Art Museum in Berlin has organized an exhibition entitled "Ctesiphon". The exhibition displays the objects which have been found in this ancient Persian city by the American and German archaeologists in 1931.
The organizers of Ctesiphon exhibition has installed a big map at the museum which shows the West Asia. In the map the name of all seas and waterways are written except for the Persian Gulf.

A museum is considered as a neutral and academic organization but it seems Berlin's Islamic Art Museum is just going to please Arab countries; maybe because of its financial ties with them.
Also at the end of the Ctesiphon Exhibition there is a sign in English and Arabic!
It seems Berlin's Islamic Art Museum does not know the language of Persian Empire and Ctesiphon was Persian, not Arabic.

Parts of the exhibition can be watched in this video. The objects are quite unique. If you visit Berlin do not miss this exhibition. It is on Pergamonmuseum at the Museum Island of German capital.

More information about the exhibition: PERGAMON MUSEUM website

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rare Photo: Queen Farah Diba with Lepers, 1973

A rare photo of Queen Farah Diba of Persia with lepers, close to the city of Birjand in 1973.
The photo, which is taken at Dr. Raaji Leprosy Centre, was originally published in the Persian-language weekly Kayhan Havai
On that time Queen Farah was trying to help the lepers to return to the society.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Homeyra, Mahasti and Hayedeh's Last Cassettes Promotion Before 1979 Revolution

The promotion of the last albums by the Persian singers Homeyra, Mahasti and Hayedeh before 1979 revolution.
The advertisement has been published in an October 1979 issues of Etelaat Newspaper in Tehran. VAAY VAAY (by Homeira), BIGANEH (by Mahasti) and MAN KHODAM RAFTANIAM (by Hayedeh) are the title of the albums and which had been released by Jahan Music Company in Teheran.
All of these singers continued their activities later in the United States.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

l'Ecole Normale Supérieure de Téhéran, Perse, 1933

طهران - Tehran - Τεχεράνη + 테헤란 - טהראן + テヘラン + Тегеран -  德黑兰 

Persische Hauptstadt Teheran, 1933
Perzische hoofdstad Teheran
Persian (Iranian) capital TEHRAN

Monday, February 15, 2016

2016 : Hope for Zayandeh Rud

I was in Isfahan recently and it made my quite happy to see water again in this river...
Zayandeh Rud is one of the victims of drought in Persia since few years ago. The river became totally dry last year so the current condition has created hope for the people.