Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer 2014 @ Mykonos Island of Greece (Photo Gallery)

Mykonos Island is one of the tourist attractions of Greece.
The above photos have been taken in August 2014 in this beautiful island.
The nature of the island is not something very special; it's something like water and desert! but the combination and also the weather have made it special.
 MYKONOS is the name of a beautiful island in Greece but for Persians it reminds 1992 assassination of 4 opposition leaders in Germany. They were assassinated at a Greek restaurant in Berlin named MYKONOS. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Iran's New Wave of Crackdown on Journalists

Iran's government has started a new and huge campaign to crackdown on journalists.
Seraj Mirdamadi, the former contributor of various Persian media in Europe has been sentenced to 6 year imprisonment. Saba Azarpeyk who has been arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence is in a critical mental and physical condition.
Some others have been already sentenced to imprisonment. According to "Reporters without Borders", IRAN now is one of the biggest prisons of journalists in the world.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PARADE SCENE: Ceramic from Safavid Persia

This beautiful ceramic is coming from Persia. It has been made in 17th century during Safavid era; an important time in the history of Persian pottery and ceramic.
This ceramic is called "Parade Scene" and now is kept in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Persian Lion and Sun Flags in Toronto Streets

People from every country live in Toronto. In these days because of 2014 World Cup many of them are using car flags. Persian community is quite big in the area.
 "Flag" is a very controversial issue among Iranians. The symbol in the middle of the Persian flag represents certain political ideology. In Toronto most car flags are different from the official flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran which is in use since 1979 Islamic Revolution.
 It clearly shows that the majority of Persians are against their government.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Persian Bride and Groom in 1944

A Persian bride and groom in 1944. The photo has been taken in the city Isfahan.
The photo is from my family archive. Copying and posting that in other websites, blogs, printed materials, etc is not allowed without written permission.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Seraj Mirdamadi is arrested in Tehran

The journalist Serajedin Mirdamadi is arrested in Tehran. Seraj's father has told BBC Persian Service that he has "no idea" where his son is kept now. Seraj Mirdamadi, who is also a reformist political activist, for some years was living in France with his wife and son; after the victory of President Hassan Rouhani he returned to Iran.

During his years in France, Seraj was studying at the university and also worked with some of Europe-based Persian media. More information about his latest situation can be found on the website of BBC Persian website:

It seems Seraj has been among the people who were too much optimistic toward the recent presidential election in Iran. And he was under this impression that situation will be better soon. Totally wrong idea !

President Rouhani is still inving exiled-Persians to return to return to Persia !

Friday, May 9, 2014

Persian Communities in front of European Parliament, 8 May 2014

Yesterday around 100 people of Persian communities in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands were gathered in front of EU Parliament in Brussels.
Their intention was to express their anger because of the terrible situation of human rights in Persia (Iran).

Various speakers including Isabelle Durant (European Parliament Vice President) expressed their support Human rights activist in Iran and also in exile. Ms. Durant thanked Anvar Mirsattari (President of EuroPers Foundation in Brussels) who is quite active to inform the EU parliament about the ideas of Persians in exile. Ms. Durant mentioned: "In my December trip to Tehran I talked to Iranian authorities about human rights issues. In many cases they were not accepting the points but I am happy that on behalf of you I talked to them."

The demonstration was organized by Iran's Human Rights Solidarity Network.