Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One of the most ridiculous decisions by European Commission

Since last week I am reading everyday in social networks about one of the most ridiculous decisions by European Commission:
Suspending the residence permit approval of Iranian skilled migrants in Europe!
and The Netherlands has been a pioneer to keep Persian applications on hold.

Many times and specially since 2009 pro-democracy movement of Iranian people we have heard from EU politicians that Iran's people is separated from Iran's government and they should be supported through social, cultural and academic exchanges. Now it's a sign! EU has targeted the Persians directly, rather than the Islamic regime in Tehran.

Yesterday I read about the story on Persian Dutch Network and today a short piece has been published in Dutch daily NRC (12 June 2012).
Iranian community has been among the most successful migrant groups in integration to Dutch society. Now they are paying its price!

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