Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dutch Immigration Office is going to deport Bardia Taherpur to Tehran!

Taherpur @ Prince Reza Pahlavi meeting in The Hague, May 2012 (Photo: Persian Dutch Network)

Dutch Immigration Office (IND) has decided to deport Bardia (Mojtaba) Taherpur to Tehran! a surprising act.
Bardia is quite well-known by the Iranian authorities. He has participated in most of anti-Islamic Republic demonstrations in The Netherlands and also converted to Zoroastriasim (national religion of Persia before Islam) in a ceremony in Leiden:
I have seen many people who has not ANY political background but IND has accepted their fabricated cases but such READ political activists are treated like this!
Isn't it the time that IND revises its policies and advisors?!
More info. in English & Persian on the website of Persian Dutch Network

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