Sunday, September 9, 2012

Syrian-Persian Demonstration in The Hague

A political refugee in The Netherlands hangs the flags of Persia and Syria, during the demonstration in front of the embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in The Hague...

VIDEO: Highlights of Syrian-Persian demonstration in The Hague (8th Sep. 2012)


  1. That is NOT the Syrian flag, but the colonial flag of Syria. So these people demonsteate AGAINST Syria, and Pro Al Qaead and NATO armed insurgents, killing civilians and destroying the country!

  2. عجب آدم های بیکاری هستید.
    فقط هم به درد همین میتینگ ها می خورید

  3. @rostami:
    بیکار بودن بسیار شرافتمندانه تر از مزدور جمهوری اسلامی بودن است.شرفت را به 7 تومن فروختید؟