Monday, September 16, 2013

Georgia; Persians' favorite destination for a short time

After 1979 Islamic Revolution in Persia (Iran), many people are always trying to find a nice, calm and not expensive place for their vacation; somewhere that they can enjoy their minimum personal freedom; somewhere that they can drink whatever they wish and wear whatever they like; what they are prevented to do in their own land.
Turkey seems the most popular destinations after the revolution. Specially because Iranians do not need to apply for Visa. Recently Georgia was added to the list; a former Soviet Union republic where in various historical era was a part of Persian empire.
But Georgia could not remain a 'favorite place'. Since July 2013 because of Western sanctions against the Iran, Georgia ended the visa-free travel of Persian citizens to this country.
The ordinary people are the only victim of Western sanctions against the Islamic regime in Tehran. 

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