Monday, November 4, 2013

Persian Music and Poetry @ Bimhuis

Last night, November 3rd  2013, at Bimhuis in Amsterdam, Rumi Ensemble performed a concert that was led by Javid Afsari-Rad . Bimhuis is a beautiful place and indeed a part of Muziekgebouw.

The ensemble performed Afsari-Rad's vocal pieces from Rumi's poetry. Mohammad Motamedi was the vocalist. I did not like his voice when he was singing at high range but the rest was OK.
Afsari Rad's music was fine for max. 15 min. During the rest of the concert, his ideas were just being repeated. I think if he studies more in the field of music composition, the result of his works will become much better. 
Another issue is his santur play. In playing this instrument, controlling the sound reflection is a challenge so the player should be quite concerned about the impact of the mallets. 
It seemed Afsari-Rad not only did not bother controlling this issue but also he was so eager to strike his santur's string with the maximum power!
Anyway the atmosphere was nice but it was surprising that such a concert did not even have a 'guide' so the audience could have an idea what the name of each piece was, in which mode it had been composed, etc.

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  1. I like Rumi and Persian poetry but I do not understand this music.