Monday, January 20, 2014

Latest Photos of Princess Ashraf Pahlavi

The Persian princess Ashraf Pahlavi is one of the most controversial figures of Pahlavi regime until 1979 Islamic revolution. There have been a lot of rumors about her moral/financial corruption and also her involvement in drug trade in Persia (Iran).
After the victory of Islamic revolution in her homeland, the princess has kept a very low profile media presence. There was not any new photo or video of her since early 1990s but recently two new photos of her have been published in various Persian-language websites.
Princess Ashraf now lives in Paris.


  1. she's a murderer

  2. They catch her with 2 baggages full of Cocaine in Switzerland during Pahlavi Regime... but the Shah release her free from any sentence... what a beautiful family!

  3. She was much better than the corrupt mullahs.