Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shocking Death of Sanaz Nezami in the US

A nurse in a Michigan hospital kissed the patient's forehead. Nearly 9,700 kilometres away, Sanaz Nezami's family in Iran watched the simple act over a laptop computer and wept.
Nezami, a vibrant 27-year-old woman who could speak three languages, wanted to pursue an advanced degree in engineering at Michigan Technological University. Instead, she was brain dead just a few weeks after unpacking her bags in a remote area of the United States, a victim of a fatal beating by her new husband, according to police.
Nezami's time in Michigan's Upper Peninsula can be marked in days. Her impact, however, will last much longer. 

Nezami was fluent in French, English and Persian. She volunteered to cook for charities. As a teen, she wrote for youth newspapers and magazines and won first place in a 2001 literature competition with an essay on "friendships and the differences between us."

(More details by AP)


  1. Some of these bache nane Iranian men with their dark male dominance upbringing belong in caves
    Women be aware before you decide, these products of a psycho society need to marry their moms, there are good men out there but BE VERY CAREFUL AND RESEARCH, being alone and free is much better than being imprisoned or killed.
    RIP Sanaz

    1. There are psychos like that in every society including United states. women are being raped and murdered in united states much more frequently than people think( I think every hour one woman is raped and everyday day one woman is murdered by their husbands) one in their right mind can beat someone to death.................

    2. God bless you for making such kind, short but informative note

  2. You are not aware of what is going on in Iran because the media doesn't cover it like the way they do in the United States. I can say the rape and sex abasement is almost popular in Iran and no one cares about it The women usually doesn't speak about their sexual harassment because the shame is a freak in Iran. Most of husbands in Iran have abusive behavior against their wives and the women don't have any other option other than being a silent sacrifice.

  3. yea, this kind of disasters is happening all of the world. sometimes i think the human society is getting more and more far away than human being. off course i don't want to see dark.