Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A so-called academic center : BRITANNICA !

This afternoon when I was checking various atlases at the library I came across with Encyclopedia Britannica World Atlas. In the Persian Gulf region maps I noticed that in all maps they have removed the adjective 'Persian' from the historical and internationally recognized term of the Persian Gulf.

Not far from the Persian Gulf region I saw the complete titles of "Gulf of Oman", "Arabian Sea", "Indian Ocean", etc. have been used. So the question is based on what evidence Britannica which claims to be an academic institution removes 'Persian' from the Persian Gulf. They should not be unaware about countless documents and maps which prove the accuracy of the historical name of this waterway; a fact which has been emphasized in the United Nations directive as well.

It is quite sad to see the so-called academic center has become involved in political/economical games. If Britannica believes "The Gulf" is the correct term of the Persian Gulf consequently they should mention the reasons in their atlas.
If they believe "Persian Gulf" shows the Persian ownership in the region, then they should stop using the terms "Indian Ocean", "Gulf of Mexico", "Arabian Sea", etc.


  1. it seems that in thie world you can buy anythings with money!

  2. Before the advent of the British nation was and is and will remain Persian Gulf.
    Persian gulf for ever
    شاخاب پارس
    خلیج فارس

  3. We must sign a petition worldwide and send it to BRITANICA. It is better to be initiated by Encyclopedia Iranica.

  4. It is sad to see an academic institution now under the influence of petrodollar plays such role. This is like removing the term Britanica from their name!

  5. I protest the use of wrong name instead of Persian Gulf. This name has been recognized by the United Nations on two occasions and is referenced in many books and publications worldwide.

    The motive behind Britanica to use a wrong term that such people as Saddam Hussein used is not known.

    On behalf of Persian Gulf organization, www.persiangulfonline.org, I request Britanica to use the correct term and abide by International norms and standards.

    Dr. Mohammad Ala, Professor
    Board Member, Persian Gulf and Iran Heritage organizations