Monday, May 12, 2014

Seraj Mirdamadi is arrested in Tehran

The journalist Serajedin Mirdamadi is arrested in Tehran. Seraj's father has told BBC Persian Service that he has "no idea" where his son is kept now. Seraj Mirdamadi, who is also a reformist political activist, for some years was living in France with his wife and son; after the victory of President Hassan Rouhani he returned to Iran.

During his years in France, Seraj was studying at the university and also worked with some of Europe-based Persian media. More information about his latest situation can be found on the website of BBC Persian website:

It seems Seraj has been among the people who were too much optimistic toward the recent presidential election in Iran. And he was under this impression that situation will be better soon. Totally wrong idea !

President Rouhani is still inving exiled-Persians to return to return to Persia !

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  1. Thanks for publishing this painfull news about arresting Seraj. No, We can not trust neither Rohani or any other in this regim!!!