Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Georgi Traykov Girovski, President of Bulgaria in Persepolis, 1967

This morning I received various old Persian-language magazines from Tehran. Among them was a copy of Ferdowsi Monthly which includes a rare photo of the late Bulgarian President Georgi Traykov Girovski during his visit to Persepolis in 1967.
"Persepolis" was the ceremonial capital of ancient Persia (Iran), which has been founded on the 6th century BC.
Georgi Traykov Girovski was the President of Bulgaria since 1964 to 1971. Shortly before his 1967 trip to Persia, Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlavi, the king of the country, was his guest in Sofia to expand the ties between two countries.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Persian Carpet @ Aga Khan Museum of Toronto

In the main permanent gallery of Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, a huge Persian carpet is on display. 
This beautiful carpet belongs to Safavid era (16th century).
Agha Khan Museum is a newly established museum in Ontario, Canada which is focused on the Islamic art and naturally most of its objects are from Persia (Iran). 
Surprisingly at the museum's information card, even the International term of "Persian Carpet" has not been mentioned for this huge carpet! 
Actually such works should be categorized as "Persian Art in Islamic Era" but I do not know why some Western are historians were/are so interested to call them "Islamic Art".
 Islam banned sculpting, music and many other things related to art so how we can seriously talk about Islamic art?!
Same story can be seen at Louvre Museum's so-called "Islamic Art Section".

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Princes' Gates : Destroying the Background View...

Today I was walking in downtown Toronto, from Union Station, alongside of the lake, to visit the Princes' Gates.
When I reached the gates I got fascinated by the architecture of the gates but at the same time quite upset; a tall ugly building is under contraction behind the Canada's Exhibition Place which has destroyed the background view of the gates a lot.
It's more surprising when we find out "Princes' Gates" is registered under Ontario Heritage Act.

I am not sure if someone inside Canada - or Toronto in particular - has protested the constructions which is destroying the historical sight of the city.
Hopefully someone will do something!

Monday, April 20, 2015

IRAN @ 1972 Munich Olympics Games

A rare photo of Persian delegation at the 1972 Olympics Games in Munich, West Germany.
The photo has been taken by Ali Ghashghayi and has been originally published in the Persian-language weekly TAMASHA. 

I just receive the magazine from Tehran and though it's a wonderful idea to share this great photo with the visitors of this blog.
For 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Iran (Persia) sent a delegation of 50 competitors who participated in 33 events in 7 sports. Two competitors in the football tournament did not take part in any matches.