Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our Persian Cat - Before and After Shaving !

Kali is our Persian cat. She is 7 now. We adopted her when we used to live in Romania.
Few days ago Kali was shaved and now looks totally different, like a little lion!
But she is happy because it's summer and she does not like the hot weather!
This photo has been taken just few days after shaving.

And here is one month later :

Below you may see her before shaving:

Kali feels much better now! 
UPDATE ! Kali, 3 months after shaving :

chat persan -قط فارسي - Perserkatten  - Perserkatze  - Gato persa - گربه ایرانی - Persialainen -  gatto persiano - חתול פרסי - ペルシャ (ネコ) - Kot perski - 페르시안 - perserkatt - 波斯貓 İran Fars kedisi 

And 4 Months Later:

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