Thursday, August 6, 2015

Persian Postage Stamps from ca. 1850 (Qajar Era)

Today I found these Persian postage stamps in a market in Berlin. They belong to Qajar dynasty which was in power in Persia (Iran) in 18th and 19th century.
I am not 100% sure but strongly believe the king which has been painted on the stamp is NASER AL-DIN SHAH (or Nassereddin Shah) who was the king of Persia since 1831 to 1896.

On the stamp "POSTES PERSANES" is mentioned which is French for "Persian Post". It shows on that time French was a kind of International language, instead of English.

Perse | | Persa | Perzië Perzische Postzegels | Briefmake aus Persien (Iran)
伊朗 - 波斯 - 邮票 | בול דואר - איראן - ממלכת פרס
Irán - Persa - Sello postal - Iraní
 ایرانی - طابع بريد بلاد فارس/ إيران Pul (posta) - İran - Pers İmparatorluğu
イラン - ペルシア - 切手
تمبرهای ایران از زمان ناصرالدین شاه قاجار

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