Thursday, January 7, 2016

Persian Princess Ashraf Pahlavi passes away in New York

The Persian princess Ashraf Pahlavi passes away at the age of 97 in New York. She was a twin sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last king of Persia (Iran).

Princess Ashraf in the recent years could not recognize anyone around her.

After 1979 Islamic revolution and her departure from her homeland, she actively supported Iranian studies foundations in the United States, known as ISF.

Princess Ashraf was the most controversial member of Pahlavi family. Her memories was published in 1981 as a book in English entitled "Faces in a Miror". Hormoz Abdolahi has translated this book into Persian.

Princess Ashraf's son Shahryar Shafigh was assassinated by the agents of Islamic regime of Tehran in early 1979 and Azadeh Shafigh (his sister) died by cancer in 2000 in France.

Ashraf Pahlavi, Most Controversial Princess of Persia

Princess Ashraf at South African Embassy in 1978:


  1. RIP Princess Ashraf

  2. My deepest respect and admiration for a great personality RIP

  3. God rest Her Imperial Highness's soul. She was a devout Iranian nationalist who worked for Her country, the women of Iran and was a brave, loyal and generous human being who helped many Iranian exiles after the revolution. Reviled and feared by the fanatics who sought to portray Her in the worst light, She carried on until Her death.
    Ask these detractors what they have done for and to Iran since 1979. They dismantled an Empire, brought shame and disgrace to the Iranian people who are despised in most countries of the world and have robbed the wealth of the nation. History will record Her Highness as a visionary and enlightened individual! Her zest for life and tireless efforts were were all done in the open as She often said She was not a hypocrite!

  4. God rest her soul.Curse all the bloodsucker commie and Islamic fascists.