Monday, October 14, 2013

Dutch Magazine Interviews Persian Queen in exile: Farah Diba

The Dutch-language magazine "Royalty" in its latest issue (No. 8, 2013) has interviewed Farah Diba, the last queen of Persia.
The interview has been conducted by Marc van der Linden in the queen's house in Paris.

In the interview Farah has talked about his life in Tehran before the revolution, what happened to her in exile and her current life. Various family photos also have been published alongside of the interview.
The Dutch TV channel also has announced that "Royalty" in his latest issue has interviewed the Persian queen Farah Diba (Pahlavi).


  1. درود بر علیا حضرت شهبانو فرح پهلوی

  2. dorud bar madar iran

  3. F.M 15.10.2013 Ba dorood be shahbano Fatahe Pahlavi ve khandane Pahlavi.