Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Killer in Iran's Presidential Election !

Few minuets ago it was announced that Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has registered himself at Iran's Interior Ministry for the upcoming presidential election.

Some who are fed up with Ahmadinejad (the current president of Iran) believes that Hashemi can make the situation better for Persian people; but HELLO !

Have you ever read Rafsanjani's records?

In 1997 during the Mykonos trial in Germany, it was declared that Hashemi Rafsanjani (the then president of Iran) - alongside of Ayatollah Ali Khameni (supreme leader), Ali-Akbar Velayati (the then foregin minister) and Ali Fallahian (Inteligence Minister) has had role in assassination of Iran's opposition activists in Europe. Now he has registered himself for presidential election in Iran!

Watch the documentary film "HOLY CRIME" by Persian-Dutch director Reza Allamehzadeh about the killing of opposition activists in Europe, organized by Islamic Regime in Tehran:


  1. dooste aziz 2 nokte:
    az in tahlilaye kuche bazari dast bardar va manteghi tahlil kon yekam. fekr mikoni ba tahrime entekhabat che ettefaghi miofte?

    dovvom, farsi type koni kheili behtare, chandin eshtebah dari tuye matnet.

    va dar akhar, bejaye "persian people" benevis "iranian people".

  2. zende--baad--jomhouri,ye--federal--daar--iran--<<

  3. at the moment, life of almost 70,000,000 people is much more important than 3 dead ones. then you better fuck off for a while

  4. I agree with all you said, but let's lay back a bit, think, really think and see if we can come up with some sort of conclusion. First let's start with this clip you have included in your blog:
    1. Who was Bani-Sadr? Do you have any information of his past? I am not implying that people can not relatively change for better or worse.
    2. Bakhtiar was killed under 7/24 hours French protection at the scene of the crime. Where were they when 3 persons entered his premises and killed him and his assistance. What happened next? And realistically who was Bakhtiar and what was his past background?
    3. Do you honestly believe the western countries are concerned and vigilant because of these killings? No my friend. They are scared of the spread of terrorism in their own countries, and against their own people.
    4. Do you honestly think if they come up with some sort of agreement over the Iranian Nuclear issue, the safe flow of oil, their hands on vast resources of Iran including oil & oil wells which are getting destroyed as we speak in front of people's eyes, the foreign governments give a damn about Iranian people?
    5. Do you think that the Human Right organization, the UN, the honest journalists, and the freedom activists have any authority over their governments on critical foreign policy issues?
    6. Since your article is written in English, I assume you live outside Iran. Do you think the people and the governments of these countries(East and West) do want to live under a constant fear? Have you not seen when their interests dictate, they become as savage as the government of Iran, if not worse? Have you forgotten Iraq war, what has become of so called " the Arabs Spring"? Do you think under any circumstances they care about their own people as much as they should? Have you ever taken a tour of any of the prisons in these so called democratic countries, and witnessed that the difference between the Police, the Secret service,foreign agents, and the brutal killers is only a fine line? as fine as a hair?
    No matter how hard it is, try to accept that there are a lot of things in this world which are not under our control. My own interest is not fully under my control. As a law abiding citizen I have experienced it, and I am not BSing.
    I am not trying to defend no one, nor I am happy what is happening to the people in Iran. Certainly I would go crazy if I was living there, but I am trying to be logical, and don't forget the share of Iranian people in this mess. They are not all pretty innocent people. You don't believe me? take a trip to Iran.

    Now let's talk about our election:
    1. if we do nothing or do anything, I promise you they do as usual, unless the masses rise up. This is the secret to why still there is a country called Iran.
    2. if khatami becomes the president, he will pave the way for them for many years to come.
    3. it has to be either one of them or close to them.
    Iranian people throughout the history have always waited for a regime to destroy itself from within. then all they have to do is a little push to let it fall.

    There are some facts that we can not deny them, no matter how we hate them. Part of those facts will be there no matter who is running the country. We need to be logical enough and face these facts, and if anyone wants to do anything, he has to maneuver within these facts, which is an art by itself . Never go head to head against someone who is stronger than you. Instead give him the leeway and once he passes by you, use all you have, leaving nothing behind to crush him.
    And BTW, read our history. We have had times like this many times over.