Thursday, May 16, 2013

IRAN AIR Flight attendants in 1970s

In 1970s IRAN AIR used to be called as the "Fastest Growing Airline" in the world.
This photo shows IRAN AIR flight attendants in 1975; when it was announced that IRAN AIR will start to fly to New York via London, five days a week.
In 1946, a group of businessmen founded Iran's first flag carrier under the name of Iranian Airways. Operations covered domestic and regional passenger and freight services plus a weekly freight service to Europe. In 1954, the privately owned airline Persian Air Services (PAS) was established, which initially operated only freight services, followed by passenger operations between Tehran and other major cities in Persia [Iran].
In 1960, PAS initiated service to several European destinations, including Geneva, Paris, Brussels and London. In 1962, Iranian Airways and Persian Air Service merged to form the Iran National Airlines Corporation, known as Iran Air. 
The above photo was originally published in the English-language Weekly Kayhan International in Tehran.

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